Friday, April 30, 2010

Square 9: Marriage

Before I go on and on about what a blessing marriage is, let me first admit that I don't love the way this square turned out.  I wanted to use grayish colors, since my rings are those colors (not gold), but once I finished stitching I realized that this square looked pretty washed out.  Oh, well! Now, on with the sappy:

Marriage, for me, is a continued, constantly evolving blessing.  I know that this is not the case for everyone, but that makes me feel even more fortunate.  I met my husband later than some -- I was 28 at the time.  I am so grateful that we met when we did.  It was one of those situations you sometimes hear about: we just "knew."  It wasn't a matter of if we'd get married, but rather when.

In almost 13 years, we've been through a fair amount of better (two beautiful children, wonderful trips and fun experiences, companionship and support) and worse (the loss of jobs, death of loved ones, losing our house to a catastrophic flood).  Through it all, we've been a great team, and we've faced it all, together.  Which is the essence of what marriage should be, I think.  You face life, the good and the bad, as a team.


  1. I so agree about marriage. We just celebrated our 30th anniversary a few months ago.

    Could you maybe go over the stitches for the rings with a silver metallic thread? I had a Paula Vaughn cross stitch pattern that called for that on a pair of scissors in the design, and it does make it stand out. I took it out because I didn't want the scissors to stand out in the design, but it might work nicely for rings.

  2. Onced again I just love your block. So sweet, so lovely and so heartfelt. I am so enjoying visiting you and seeing what your creativity brings with each block. I am enjoying this so much. The marriage block is extra special...I need to do one on my sampler. Thank you so much for the continued inspiration!

  3. I love the rings. I also have two girls and it sounds like mine a just a few years ahead of yours. . . 17 and 15. Remember the days of twirling skirts?

    I wonder if you could us a single strand of a medium grey and couch it around the inside and outside of the rings, like a coloring book outline.

  4. What a wonderful square! With great sentiment too.
    I love the block. If you are still unhappy with it, maybe you could add a 'glitter thread' to what you have there. Maybe it will look less 'washed out' to you if you add some glitter bling to it... ;)
    I think it's wonderful.
    alicia in Hawaii

  5. Thanks for all the great ideas, everyone! I hadn't thought of glittery thread -- can't believe I hadn't, given my love of glitter! I just might have to try it. :)
    Thanks for all your sweet comments!

  6. That square is super's the sentiment that counts right :)