Thursday, April 22, 2010

Square 1: Sunshine

I was super-eager to start this new sampler!  I drew my grid yesterday afternoon.  I was inspired by Amy's decision to do 100 squares, but I have to tell ya, once you draw a 10 by 10 grid you realize -- that's A LOT of squares.  It's kind of intimidating!  But, I actually have a big plan for this sampler that involves a central design that's going to take up a number of squares, so it might turn out fine to have extra squares to play with.

In my zeal to get started, I ran to HL (Hobby Lobby) for new stitching material and a few new threads.  I had my girls in tow -- both of whom were somewhat mystified at the sudden, urgent need to go to HL (they'll get it eventually!) but they were game.  They helped me pick out some new colors of thread, including a bunch of variegated colors that I've been wanting to try.  I think these variegated pastels are going to play a major role in my color palette this time around.

So, I had my new colors, my new fabric, my grid -- I even had a sketch of my central design! -- and then I looked at that first, blank square and ....... nothing.  No idea how to start.  Countless blessings, all sorts of things to be grateful for, but what to start with????

Finally, I decided to keep it simple, so I went with sunshine.

Yesterday was a lovely, sunny day here in the Texas tropics, and I got to get out in that sunshine and play tennis.  It felt great to be outside; I think the sun did me a world of good (even if I was slathered in 50 SPF sunscreen from head to toe).   So, here's to sunshine, the first of many blessings.

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  1. Wow! I'm impressed, you're off to a great start! Love your square!