Monday, May 17, 2010

Square 15: Neighbors

Neighbors can be a blessing, or a curse, and often it's nothing more than luck of the draw.

When we were first married, and living in an apartment, the woman in the apartment under us would play her music so loudly that the floor of our apartment would vibrate -- literally.  Our china and glassware rattled in the cabinets.  I was afraid that pictures would fall off the walls.  Later, in our first house, we lived next to a man who would have violent arguments with his girlfriend at all hours of the night.  Then he abandoned the house completely, and left it to fall into complete disrepair.

So, I know what it's like to have bad neighbors, and how much neighbors impact the quality of our daily lives.  Lucky for us, for years now we have been blessed with wonderful neighbors. We live next to families with young children, so my kids have playmates right next door -- and that, in and of itself, is a blessing.  But in addition, our neighbors are responsible, caring, helpful people, really the definition of what a "good neighbor" should be.  And that, my friends, is a huge, continuing, daily blessing!


  1. Your blog is so true . . . I've had the noisy music downstairs and the GREAT neighbors whose friendship will last a lifetime.

    LOVE your depiction . . bright, sunny with a canopy of green joining both homes.

  2. Hi Alison! How are you doing? What a great square...again. I love it ! You encouraged me and I did some french knots on my last block...too much fun. I just like how it looks. I agree too with you on the neighbor thing. We've had wonderful neighbors and do now but have had terrible ones a couple of years ago that poisoned our dogs and all the dogs in the neighborhood, to get back at whoever called the police. They were selling drugs! Oh my...very sad time indeed. But focus on the good ones! Love your blog! It is always wonderful coming by for a visit with you!

  3. We live way out in the country so have no neighbors, but when I lived in NC, my BEST friend was my neighbor and it was wonderful. I talked about her and our intertwined lives in one of my blessings about friendship. I love this entry, and I especially like your BEAUTIFUL knots. Oh, how I wish I could make them like you. They are the best. Hugs, Genie

  4. Very nicely done! I love this square.

  5. Hi,
    what a lovely embroidered expression of neighborhood .
    and good neighbors are indeed a blessing.
    your reast of the squares are also coming make real good french knots.I wish i knew the right way of doing so.

  6. Oh, yes, it is a blessing to have good neighbors. This is a lovely square.