Friday, May 7, 2010

B is for Blessings

Part of my overall design is to have the word "blessings" incorporated into my sampler.  This is the first letter.  When I'm a little stumped about square to do next, I turn to this part of the design and stitch on that while I wait for inspiration to strike. 


  1. Your work is absolutly gorgeous.

  2. Oh, I was wondering how I would somehow label the word "blessings" on to my work, and I love how you are doing it! Love your miniature roses too!.. Are they done with french knots?.. ribbon or floss??... Hope you're enjoying a nice weekend! ~tina

  3. Hi Tina!
    Thanks for your sweet comment!
    All of the flowers are French knots or lazy daisies with French knots in the middle. I did them all with floss.
    Happy stitching!

  4. Loving all your squares! ...and your colors are so pretty!