Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Square 14: Patience

Patience is a real blessing.  To be frank -- it's not something that I have in abundance.  I am rarely a patient person, though I strive to be more patient.  I could be much more patient with my kids, other drivers, the world at large....   But that is not why this square is about patience.  It's about patience because it was not supposed to be the next square.  This was:

It's supposed to be a square about books.  I stitched it and ripped it out twice last night; it's giving me fits!  Books are a really big deal to me, and I want to get this square right.  Finally, I gave up and moved on.  I took out some of my favorite tatting and stitched it onto another square -- and poof, a pretty square.  Not a technically difficult one, but one that sorta restored my sanity (and kept me from flinging my super-cute Cath Kidston sewing basket across the room in frustration). 

So, here's to patience!  And may I have the patience to return to the "books" square soon.  :)


  1. TOO FUNNY!!.. Oops.. At least I HOPE it is NOW! Yes, Alison, I can relate! I have a very quick Irish temper that has earned me the nick-name "Zero To Sixty"!!! I have inherited this gene from generation to generation to generation!!! I'm not a violent person by any means, but people just KNOW when to step back when my temper flares! Just give me my moment, and I'll be just fine again in no time! ha! ha!... I love books too, and haven't yet decided on that square, so can't wait to see how yours comes out... when you're ready of course! (0; tina

  2. Ah,yes . . patience . . I know it is a virtue but I too am on the short end of the patience stick . . . people think that because I taught school I have patience . .HA! I say to them. Do women who become pregnant all of a sudden gain patience and have it throughout their children 's life? NOT . . same as teachers . . just enough patience to deal with some things and then it's all she wrote . .
    Katie bar the door . . Miss Gaumer means business today!


  3. Wow, beautiful! Your stitching is so complex!

  4. Hey I can relate to this block....sorry it gave you fits. The one you did as the fill in turned out beautiful. Great how the second one turned out wonderful...maybe it was meant to be!