Monday, November 22, 2010

Sketching Out a Plan

Here's what I worked on over the weekend.  I'm not sure that I'll keep to this plan exactly (who knows when inspiration will strike?) but I do like the fact that I've got a few ideas down on paper before I begin.  Now I'm itching to start my first square! 

How's your project coming along?  If you're out there lurking, I hope you'll join in on the stitching fun!  (Just leave a comment and I'll add you to the blogroll.)  Also, be sure to join our Flickr group so you can share pictures of your squares!

Happy Thanksgiving!  Hope you have a lovely holiday!


  1. Oh, I'm just so behind! I'm hoping to be caught up enough in the next few days to be able to get mine started.

  2. Love your plan. I may have to borrow an idea or too. :)

  3. Lovely, I'm a little behind - oh alright I admit it.. haven't quite started it yet! But I am hoping to steam ahead at the weekend.. :-)