Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Square 16: Spirituality

Each of us experiences spirituality differently; for some, a spiritual life is more important than for others.  I'm not a very demonstrably spiritual person -- to be honest, I can get uncomfortable with that pretty quickly.   But I'm grateful for a quiet, abiding spirituality; one that comforts in the difficult moments.

For this square, I stitched a remnant of antique lace onto the square, and then attached a small vintage holy medal.  I love the tiny shape and blue color of the medal.  I like how this square came together.

In an effort to get this project rolling again, I think I'm going to free myself to do more "assembling" of squares, to help spark my creativity when I can't think of a complete stitched square.  As I said in the beginning, 100 squares is a LOT! 

How is your stitching coming along?


  1. I think adding more than just stitching is an awesome idea! However your creativity comes out --- it is beautiful.

    Smiles - Denise

  2. I have only stitched four squares! i can't get into this like our other stitchalong. Maybe I will outline mine in a few colors and see if anything sparks my thankfuls for more squares. Yours are beautiful!!! I am hosting a embroidery floss swap on my blog check it out if your interested!!
    ~Molly P

  3. I am at a stand still . . . I know I have a lot more things that I am blessed with but the mind won't wrap itself around what they might be.

    I do love the way you decorate your squares . . . so nice, soft and relaxing to look at.

    :0} paula

  4. Your square is beautiful! Love the emblem.

    I think I need to start doing more of the 'assembling' squares too.

  5. Hi Alison! I LOVE your beautiful square! I wanted to stitch at least one square yesterday, but was just to HOT to feel motivated. I lied most of the day, very still, with just a book and a fan blowing nearby! I'm hoping maybe today I'll get to stitch one. I have 22 squares stitched so far. I'm slow, perhaps, but I love this project very much! It was my intention from the start though, to mix different techniques and even small items, charms, buttons, laces, etc., to create a scrapbook-ish effect. So I think "assembling" is a good thing! ~tina

  6. I think this looks great. Mixing the type of squares you do is a good way to fill in so many of them. I think the idea is creativity more than specifically embroidery. Attaching those elements is creative and does requite some stitching.

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